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Di Stefano Suits
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DiStefano Suits

As a direct manufacturer of fine Italian suits, di Stefano Suits has the ability to offer a luxury within reach. By keeping overhead low and concentrating online, di Stefano Suits can give you direct pricing without a retail mark up.

Regardless of whether you are attending a premier, going for a job interview, or just want an all new look, the right suit makes the difference. More than simply a lapel choice or type of fabric, we invite you to discover how you can find a suit that’s right for you.

As we have dressed (and continue to dress) some of the biggest names in Hollywood we are now offering you the opportunity to have the same great look. Our hand-crafted Italian suits are constructed with you in mind and provide you the opportunity to select the smallest of details.

Start your journey today, to a new level of Italian Suit where in just 5 easy steps you can customize the suit of your dreams. When you want our tips on style, design, and more, simply request our Exclusive Offers and we will share with you fashion secrets discovered over decades of dressing Hollywood.